GIS與視覺化 5

  •  5-1 文本地理資訊整合工具(GeoPort)

    開發者: 林農堯

    這這個工具是用來展示在 DocuSky 上,可以整合文本與地理資訊。文本需經過 Markus 進行標記, 且標記後的地理名詞需具有 placename_id(如此工具才能取得對應的地理坐標資訊)。 經 Markus 標記後的輸出檔,還需透過工具轉換成建庫檔,上載建庫後才能被此工具所取用。

  •  5-2 DocuSky地理資訊工具(DocuGIS)

    開發者: 林農堯

    這是一個支援 DocuSky 的 GIS 工具,可以將 Geoport 的資料呈現在地圖上、儲存篩選後的文本圖層, 也可以用 CSV 格式上傳有坐標資訊的圖層一起使用。

  •  5-3 Palladio

    Palladio is a product of the NEH Implementation grant (July 2013-June 2016), Networks in History: Data-driven tools for analyzing relationships across time. Our goal was to understand how to design graphical interfaces based on humanistic inquiry. We oriented the project around the development of a general-purpose suite of visualization and analytical tools based on the prototypes created for the Mapping the Republic of Letters project, which examines the scholarly communities and networks of knowledge during the period 1500-1800.